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Dieses Kochbuch richtet sich an die Liebhaber von Wildfleisch und Outdoorküche. Wer Wild bisher nur als Braten oder Gulasch kennt und gleich den typischen Geschmack von Lorbeer, Wacholder
und Rotweinsauce auf der Zunge hat, kann hier noch einiges entdecken.
Wir nutzen Grill, Dutch Oven und Mangalspieß, um die vielfältigen Geschmacksnuancen der Küche auszureizen. Selbst ungewöhnliche Wildsorten kommen auf den Teller. In diesem Buch findet man über 60 Rezepte, vom Hasen-Sauerbraten über Pulled Deer und Wildschwein-Flammkuchen bis hin zu Hirschrouladen, Bratwurst oder Hackbraten. Neben exotischen Rezepten wie Krähenstrudel und Waschbäreintopf finden sich auch Klassiker wie Rippchen und Rückenbraten.

In the American localisation, the third and the fifth had their names changed to „Road to Hell“ and „The Bill“. Several other passengers speak up and claim to know Pasternak as well. She recognizes him as the man who, years before, ruined her family by taunting her mother and caused her father’s untimely death. The man’s teenage son arrives and begins to share his father’s meal.

Feeling guilty that the boy might eat the poison, the waitress tries to take the plate away. The man attacks her after she throws food in his face, but the cook kills him with a chef’s knife. The last scene depicts the son getting medical treatment from a responding ambulance while the waitress sits next to him. Meanwhile, the cook is arrested and driven away in a police car. Further up the road, Diego gets a flat tire, while Mario catches up and takes his revenge. He parks his car in front of Diego’s, smashes his windshield, and then defecates and urinates on it.

Fearing that he will be arrested, Diego soon returns to run Mario down, but loses control and crashes into the river. Mario enters Diego’s car through the trunk, and both men start to fight. Mario leaves Diego strangling with a seat belt around his neck. He then rips off a piece of his shirt, lights it on fire and places it in the gas tank in an attempt to incinerate the car, but Diego grabs him and prevents him from escaping. He goes to the towed-car lot and argues with an employee to no avail, insisting that there were no signs of a no-parking zone.

He grudgingly pays the towing fee and misses his daughter’s party. After Fischer applies unsuccessfully for another job, he discovers that his car has been towed again. He retrieves the car and packs it with explosives in a tow zone. After it is towed again, he detonates the explosives, destroying the towing office with no casualties. Fischer is imprisoned and becomes a local hero, with calls on social media for his release.