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Top Chef: Seattle is the tenth season of the American reality television series Top Chef. The season was announced on September 19, 2012, and premiered on November 7, 2012. The cast of the tenth season of Top 10 Los Angeles PDF Chef initially consisted of 21 contestants.

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After the qualifying challenges in the first episode, the pool of chefs was narrowed down to 15. Due to the qualifying rounds, the show did not use its traditional elimination format until the second episode. Former Top Chef contestants CJ, Josie, and Stefan entered the competition following the Quickfire Challenge. Due to the poor quality of the dishes served in the Elimination Challenge, no winner was declared. Kristen won Last Chance Kitchen and returned to the competition.

The chef won the season and was crowned Top Chef. The chef was the runner-up for the season. The chef won that episode’s Elimination Challenge. The chef was selected as one of the top entries in the Elimination Challenge, but did not win.

The chef was not selected as one of the top or bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge and was safe. The chef was selected as one of the bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge, but was not eliminated. The chef lost that week’s Elimination Challenge and was out of the competition. Qualifying Challenge: The 21 chefs were separated into four groups and sent to the restaurants of judges Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Hugh Acheson.

The judges devised their own challenges to evaluate the potential contestants and selected which chefs would compete for the Top Chef title in Seattle. Quickfire Challenge: The chefs separated themselves into teams of three and had to create a dish that highlighted the local shellfish. The winning team drew knives to determine which individual would receive immunity. Past Top Chef contestants, Chris „CJ“ Jacobson, Josie Smith-Malave, and Stefan Richter officially joined the competition following the challenge. Elimination Challenge: Using the same teams from the Quickfire, the chefs traveled to the Space Needle to make a dish using regional ingredients. 5 minutes on an Amazon Kindle Fire to look up whatever they needed to know about their type of dumpling.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were asked to butcher a part of a whole piece of beef and cook a dish with that cut. Elimination Challenge: The chefs recreated dishes from a classic 1950’s menu from the restaurant Canlis. Quickfire Challenge: The chefs paired up and created a breakfast on a stick for 50 people at Pike Place Market. Elimination Challenge: The same teams were kept for the Elimination Challenge. The chefs were asked to create a dish, by drawing knives, to feature an ingredient created by the vendors at Pike Place Market.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were asked to cook a holiday-themed sweet and savory dish that reminds them of their heritage using Truvia baking blend sugar. Elimination Challenge: The chefs were tasked to cater a homecoming party for actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, along with their families and friends. The winner received a Toyota Prius c. Rick Moonen was the guest judge. Quickfire Challenge: All ingredients in the Top Chef pantry were completely wrapped in Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.