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Jump to navigation Jump to search For the cycle race sponsored by this newspaper, see Cape Argus Cycle Race. Co-founded the Cape: 1969 PDF 1857 by Saul Solomon, the Cape Argus is a daily newspaper published by Sekunjalo in Cape Town, South Africa. It is commonly referred to as The Argus. Although not the first English-language newspaper in Southern African the Cape Argus was the first locally to use the telegraph for news gathering.

Författare: Joe Hill.

It’s 1969 and the war in Vietnam rages on. Captain Chase, a Medevac helicopter pilot for the US Army, is shot down over enemy territory. He and his crew are in a fight for their lives as they play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Vietcong. But, machine guns and grenades aren’t the only frightening things hiding in the jungle.

Its circulation for the first quarter of 2013 was 33 247. Jermaine Craig is the executive editor of the Cape Argus. He replaced Gasant Abarder, who resigned in early 2013 to take up a post at Primedia in the Western Cape. However, political differences immediately surfaced between the partners. During this time, the Argus and Solomon’s printing works served as the official government printing contractor. It was responsible for the Government Gazette, but also took on the parliamentary and stationery contracts.

This was principally because it was the only printing company at the time which had the resources and management to reliably fulfill these contracts. It expanded considerably to 200 employees, 8 manual presses and 10 steam-powered presses by 1878. Science Professor of the South African College and previously the editor of the declining Commercial Advertiser. Francis Joseph Dormer took over as editor in 1878. At the same time, a change in the political direction of the Cape began to cause significant problems for the Argus. A British intervention in the Cape led to a new and dubiously-appointed government, under a puppet Prime Minister, Gordon Sprigg. In later life, Solomon gradually withdrew from the daily running of the Argus.