Steven Universe: Warp Tour, Volume One PDF

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Författare: Melanie Gillman.
In these all-new comic adventures set in the world of Cartoon Network’s his series, Steven helps a baby songbird find its mother, takes part in a food truck competition, attends a Renaissance Faire, and visits possibly the scariest place of all–the Prom! 6 5/8 x 10 1/4.

This article possibly contains original research. He was in a skit in which he made a phone call to guest Jim Carrey. Hawking appeared with host Victor Lewis-Smith in the pre-titles sequences of this show. At the release party for the home video version of the A Brief History of Time, Leonard Nimoy, who had played Spock on Star Trek, learned that Hawking was interested in appearing on the show. In a sketch with David Walliams and Catherine Tate, Hawking appears, in the guise of an Andy Pipkin character, who transforms into a Transformer machine. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Hawking appeared in a special programme about the popular British science fiction series. In this film about the effects of human activity on the environment Hawking gave explanations of these effects. Hawking presented the links for a five-part 2010 Channel 4 series profiling British scientists. Hawking presented the winner’s trophy to the team from Balliol College, Oxford.

God, the Universe and Everything Else. Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in a drama about Hawking’s time as a postgraduate student at Cambridge University. In the 5th season of Stargate Atlantis, episode 16 „Brain Storm“, where many world physicists were invited to a demonstration of cooling effect using a wormhole between 2 universes. Stephen Hawking, played by an actor, was shown in his chair from behind. In a parodied take on Spider-Man, Hawking, played by the actor Robert Joy, jokes about himself within. Portrayed by actor Eddie Redmayne in a biopic about Hawking from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

Hawking agreed to allow the filmmakers use of his speech synthesizer voice for the film. Portrayed by storyboard artist Scott Underwood in the animated movie, parodied as a piece of gum. Hawking has made several guest appearances in Futurama. In the film The Beast with a Billion Backs, Hawking appears as his own head in a jar leading a scientific convention organized to study and discuss a tear in the universe. He says that despite writing a book about it, he has no idea what it is. Hawking appeared in the video game segment of the last episode of Futurama’s sixth season, „Reincarnation“.

During the British Comedy Awards 2004, Hawking was presented with a one-off toy version of himself in Simpson form by Matt Groening, complete with boxing glove. Hawking presented Groening with a lifetime achievement award. In the Season 16 episode „Don’t Fear the Roofer“, he is a friend of Lenny and the owner of the Little Caesars restaurant down the block from Moe’s Tavern. In the Season 18 episode „Stop or My Dog Will Shoot“, Santa’s Little Helper encounters Hawking in a corn maze while searching for a lost Homer.

Hawking says „This maze is too hard for me,“ and then flies off in the helicopter attachment. In the Season 22 episode, „Elementary School Musical“, Hawking raps with Flight of the Conchords for Lisa. Hawking’s image was animated and used as a character in several episodes. A segment of the show tells about a movie called Party Time Continuum, in which Hawking is portrayed as a time-travelling party-animal played by Seth Green. In their clip Balance, Stephen Hawking flies across the screen in his buggy and the various characters play around with his speech synthesiser against his will, making it say strange things, such as „I’ve wet my pants“.