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Författare: Claudia Di Quattro.
Erfülle Dir jeden Wunsch mittels eigener Gedankenkraft und heile dich selbst Lerne DAS GESETZ DER ANZIEHUNG zu nutzen. Wir sind metaphysisch betrachtet alle Energie-Wesen, die ein enormes Potential in sich tragen. Wieso ziehen nur manche Menschen das Geld, die Liebe oder den Erfolg magisch an sich? Alles ist pure Energie. In Channelings haben wir wertvolle Tipps über diese universellen Frequenzen erhalten. Du besitzt den Schlüssel zum Erfolg DU kannst Deine Resonanz selbst steuern DU kannst deine Wünsche selbst erschaffen Lerne anhand von vielen Beispielen, fertig formulierten Sätzen, deine Intuition, deine Visualisierung und deine innere Stärke zu nutzen. Alltagstipps, wie Du mit einfachen Schritten Deine Frequenz auf Erfolg einstellen kannst und somit die dynamischen Gesetze des Universums aktivierst. Als Bonus berichte ich als certificierte Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner von einer universellen Heilungs-Energie, mit der ich arbeite und meiner persönlichen Erfahrung

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This story encapsulates the very essence of fishing at this exciting time of the year, the travel, adventure and camaraderie enjoyed with friends and likeminded people. A stunning 42-acre lake in rural France provides the centrepiece for the action and a friendly competition. See more of our DVDs in the DVD section – right here! OUR LATEST NEWS FEED RIGHT HERE. New D V D – Autumn Moon The Newest addition to the Freespirit DVD range is now available. They have nothing but praise for the mighty Free Spirit Hi-S 200 that helped them nail down the coveted national title. Holy Spirit is a term found in English translations of the Bible that is understood differently among the Abrahamic religions.

Hebrew-language parts of the Old Testament. In its Aramaic parts, the term is rûacḥ. The English term spirit comes from its Latin origin, spiritus, which is how the Vulgate translates both the Old and New Testament concept. The alternative term, „Holy Ghost“, comes from Old English translations of spiritus. The Christian concept tends to emphasize the moral aspect of the Holy Spirit more than Judaism, evident in the epithet Holy Spirit that appeared in Jewish religious writings only relatively late but was a common expression in the Christian New Testament. According to theologian Rudolf Bultmann, there are two ways to think about the Holy Spirit: „animistic“ and „dynamistic“.

On the surface, the Holy Spirit appears to have an equivalent in non-Abrahamic Hellenistic mystery religions. These religions included a distinction between the spirit and psyche, which is also seen in the Pauline epistles. Another link with ancient Greek thought is the Stoic idea of the spirit as anima mundi—or world soul—that unites all people. Another Stoic concept which offered inspiration to the Church was that of ‚divine Spirit‘. Cleanthes, wishing to give more explicit meaning to Zeno’s ‚creative fire‘, had been the first to hit upon the term pneuma, or ’spirit‘, to describe it. It literally means „spirit of the holiness“ or „spirit of the holy place“. The „Holy Spirit“ in Judaism generally refers to the divine aspect of prophecy and wisdom.

It also refers to the divine force, quality, and influence of the Most High God, over the universe or over his creatures, in given contexts. Qur’an, where it acts as an agent of divine action or communication. The Bahá’í Faith has the concept of the Most Great Spirit, seen as the bounty of God. The Hinduism concept of Advaita is linked to Trinity and has been briefly explained by Raimon Panikkar, Professor of Comparative Religion and History of Religions, Department of Religious Studies of the University of California.