Salem: 15 Historic Postcards PDF

Copley Square contains the library’s salem: 15 Historic Postcards PDF collection, exhibition rooms and administrative offices. When it opened in 1895, the new Boston Public Library was proclaimed a „palace for the people.

Författare: Jerome M. Curley.

Bates Hall has a coffered ceiling in a wide catena-arched barrel vault. Internet and power connections are discreetly located beneath the large wooden research tables. Boston Public Library was founded in 1852. The first Boston Public Library location opened in 1854 in two rooms in the Adams School on Mason Street. Because the Mason Street space was small and poorly lit, a new building opened at 55 Boylston Street in 1858.

365,000 to build and held 70,000 volumes. The center entrance consists of three arches flanked by large sconces. Flanking the entry are allegorical representations of Science, to the south and Art, on the north, completed by Bela Pratt in 1912. On the panels above the arches are seals of Massachusetts, the Library and the city of Boston. Another inscription, above the keystone of the central entrance, proclaims: „FREE TO ALL“. Below each second-story arched window on the three façades are inscribed lists of the names of great historical writers, artists, scientists, philosophers, and statesmen.

Across Dartmouth Street from the central entrance is a twentieth-century monument to the Lebanese-born poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran who as a young immigrant educated himself in the Boston Public Library. Bates Hall is named for the library’s first great benefactor, Joshua Bates. Boston Globe writer Sam Allis described „Bates Hall, the great reading room of the BPL, vast and hushed and illuminated with a profusion of green lampshades like fireflies“ as one of Boston’s „secular spots that are sacred. Included in the BPL’s research collection are more than 1. 7 million rare books and manuscripts. NHL nomination for Boston Public Library“.