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TOTO live 2010 in Copenhagen in KB Hallen. Toto is an American one – Band 2 PDF band formed in 1976 in Los Angeles. Paich and Jeff Porcaro had played together as session musicians on several albums and decided to form a band. David Hungate, Lukather, Steve Porcaro and Bobby Kimball were recruited before the first album release.

Författare: Nina Nell.

Widely known for the Top 5 hits „Hold the Line“, „Rosanna“, and „Africa“, the makeup of the group continues to evolve. Hungate left in 1982, followed by Kimball in 1984, but rejoined the band in 1998 until 2008. Jeff Porcaro died in 1992 of a heart attack. The band has released 17 studio albums, and has sold over 40 million records worldwide.

The group has been honored with several Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. Toto in 1982 in London at the Hammersmith Odeon. Once the band came together, David Paich began composing what would become the eponymous debut album, Toto. According to popular myth, at the first recording sessions, in order to distinguish their own demo tapes from other bands‘ in the studio, Jeff Porcaro wrote the word „Toto“ on them. After its release, Toto climbed the charts quickly, earning popularity with the hit single „Hold the Line“, as well as the charting „I’ll Supply the Love“ and „Georgy Porgy“, featuring Cheryl Lynn.

At the close of the first tour, the band began work on their next album, entitled Hydra, which was released later that year and featured the single „99“, inspired by George Lucas‘ cult film THX 1138. In early 1981, Toto released their third album, Turn Back. The album was a venture into arena rock and featured heavier guitar and fewer keyboards than on the previous two records. On December 15, 1981, Bobby Kimball was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. 1982 marked the beginning of Toto’s most successful era. After the disappointing sales of Turn Back, the band was under a great deal of pressure from the record company to produce a new smash record.

With the Triple Platinum-certified Toto IV, the band delivered one of the most commercially successful records of the year. Subsequent to the Toto IV release, bassist David Hungate left the band. Toto IV would prevent him from spending time with his family. At one point, Richard Page of the band Mr. Mister was offered the lead singer spot, but turned it down to continue with his band. At the close of the Isolation tour in 1985, Fergie Frederiksen was let go.

Lukather claimed that the band was not meshing well with Frederiksen because he had a difficult time recording with them in the studio. With Joseph Williams now onboard officially, Toto wrote and recorded Fahrenheit, released in October 1986. While Williams is credited as lead vocalist, Frederiksen had begun recording a few tracks and is featured as a background vocalist on the track „Could This Be Love“. I’ll Be Over You“ and „Without Your Love“, which were both ballads sung by Lukather, were the two hit singles. The band recruited several guest musicians for the album. After its release, the band embarked on another world tour. Upon its conclusion in 1987, Steve Porcaro left the band to pursue a career in film and television scoring.

Fahrenheit eventually went Gold on October 3, 1994. Steve Porcaro was never replaced and Toto decided to continue with only five members. In 1988 Toto released their next album The Seventh One, featuring Jon Anderson of Yes on backup vocals on the single „Stop Loving You“. Although „The Seventh One Tour“ was very successful, after it was finished the band decided to replace lead singer Joseph Williams.