Mirai Nikki 08 PDF

2011 anime based on the manga by Sakae Esuno. The anime depicts the Diary Game, a deadly battle royal between twelve different individuals who are given „Future Diaries“, special diaries that can predict the future, by Mirai Nikki 08 PDF Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space, with the last survivor becoming his heir.

Författare: Sakae Esuno.
Yukiteru hat seine liebe Not, den Anschlägen der meist böswilligen Tagebuchträger zu entkommen. Zum Glück hilft ihm seine etwas eigenwillige Freundin Yuno, die weit weniger Skrupel hat, sich auf die tödlichen Kämpfe einzulassen! Werden die beiden auch in Zukunft durch die Kombination ihrer bruchstückhaften Zukunftsweissagungen überleben können? Freut euch auf eine spannende Fortsetzung des populären Mystery-Thrillers!

The anime is produced by Studio Asread, directed by Naoto Hosoda, the script is written by Katsuhiko Takayama, character designs are by Hidetsugu Hirayama and art direction is by Toshiyuki Tokuda. The anime aired from October 10, 2011 to April 16, 2012 on Chiba TV and TV Saitama. Yousei Teikoku and „Blood-teller“ by Faylan, respectively, which aired from episode 1 to 14. From episode 15, the second opening and ending theme songs are „Dead End“ by Faylan and „Filament“ by Yousei Teikoku, respectively.

Teikoku whilst the ending theme is „Happy End“ by Faylan. All episode titles are terms related to modern cellphones and telephone business in general, reflecting the fact that most Future Diaries are based on their users‘ mobile phones. At the end of every episode, Murmur is featured in a segment of backstories with the various characters who appear in the anime series. Deus’s assistant, Murmur, introduces Takao to the survival game.