Enhancement of contact-simulation for a hybrid-forming process PDF

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Jump to navigation Jump to search List of future or planned Canadian Forces projects. The Department of National Defence estimates the production rate would be about 24,000 ICU uniforms per year. The decision to change the enhancement of contact-simulation for a hybrid-forming process PDF uniform is mostly due to problems with drying, and it offers poor integration with operational equipment.

Författare: Martin Kage.

Finite Element Methods offer an enormous industrial potential for the cheap design of parts. However, the opportunities of simulating entire (hybrid-)production processes mostly remain untapped. This is due to the fact that contact between different surfaces and materials is oftentimes prone to systematical errors. The bachelor thesis at hand addresses this problem and presents different approaches for the realistic contact simulation between different surfaces. In this context, different constraint enforcement methods such as the Augmented Lagrange Method alongside different pressure-overclosure relationships are presented. Another focal point in this bachelor thesis is the realistic simulation of heat distribution. Example of use is a hybrid forming process in which a steel barrel is inductively heated and forged – thereby creating contact between the workpiece and the forging die.

The other reason is the loss of color after only one year of use. The SARP II will deliver a modern networked integrated direct fire, multi-effect, portable anti-personnel and anti-material capability that includes weapons, fire control, munitions, training systems and logistic support. TAPV project will procure 500 vehicles with an option for an additional 100. They will replace the RG-31 Nyala and Coyote Reconnaissance Vehicle and will complement the G-Wagen starting by 2014. 2 more, will be purchased to replace or supplement the existing Taurus ARVs as part of the FME project. The FME project will acquire 29 dozer blades, mine ploughs and mine rollers to equip the Leopard 2 fleet starting by 2011. The Department of National Defence will modernize 550 LAV-IIIs and incorporate new features.

The modernization program include the upgrade of the fire control and acquisition systems, the upgrade of the lethality and the firepower, the upgrade of the mobility, and finally increasing the level of protection with the STANAG 4569 level 4 instead of the current level 3. They will be based at CFB Suffield for trials. The Canadian Forces will develop a „stealth“ snowmobile which can travel more than 15 km in electric mode or hybrid mode. The government has launched a tender totaling 550,000 dollars to build a prototype.

The Canadian army will received modernization of C14 Timberwolf and C15 long-range sniper weapon sniper rifles. The Canadian army will received a modernized C6 General Purpose Machine Gun for a contract of 32. 1 million dollars which included the new C6A1 FLEX, cleaning and repair kit, spare parts, and sling to carry the weapon. 200 millions contract for Cubic Global Defense will provided rural and urban settings for realistic combat simulation. The project cost is estimated between 100 to 249 millions dollars to provide a realistic virtual environment for dismounted soldiers and tank crew. The project will provide new 84mm Smoke and Illumination ammunition for the existing Carl Gustav weapon system.