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For the Deadworld location in Judge Dredd, see Dark Judges. Deadworld is an ongoing American comic book published by Desperado Publishing in association with IDW Publishing. The series follows survivors in a post-apocalyptic scenario brought on deadworld Archives: Book Seven PDF zombie attacks led by King Zombie, an intelligent, talking zombie. Arrow Comics ceased production of all titles, but sold the rights of the title to Locke who transferred the rights to Gary Reed’s Caliber Comics.

Författare: Gary Reed.

By the twelfth issue of the title, Reed took over as the primary writer. The first volume of Deadworld ended in 1992 after twenty-six issues. After a lull in its printing, the series returned to print in 2005 through Image Comics, with Gary Reed and Locke working on the series. In 2012, Gary Reed teamed up again with Sami Makkonen to bring Deadworld into full color for the first time. In October, 2012, Reed released a special graphic novel sized book called „Voices from the Deadworld“.

This was a series of single page tales from those who lived and died in Deadworld with each text page accompanied by an original illustration from over 40 various artists. IDW also released the „Deadworld Omnibus“ which collected the Image series‘ „Requiem for the World“ and „Frozen Over“ plus the „Slaughterhouse“ saga from Desperado. The most recent series was Deadworld: Restoration, the full color follow up mini-series to War of the Dead, also from IDW which debuted in December 2013 with the final issue shipping in April 2014. Each soda contains one of 48 label images drawn by various comic book artists.

This section lacks ISBNs for the books listed in it. ISBNs automatically, or discuss this issue on the talk page. Frozen Over, Slaughterhouse and Deadworld vol. Deadworld: Restoration Shipping in June 2014. Eagle One Media collected and released the first 46 issues of the original Deadworld comic book series along with two mini-series onto CD-ROM. In June, 2009, it was announced that Deadworld was to be turned into a film.

Erb and Framelight Productions along with Dark Hero Studios partners David Hayter and Benedict Carver have teamed up with Bill Mechanic to turn the comicbook into a zombie feature franchise. Deadworld Contributors – lists the writers and artists of Deadworld, the horror series, from Caliber Comics“. Deadworld – Information about the comic series from Caliber Comics“. Archived from the original on 2009-06-18. Gary Reed: Living In The Deadworld“. Creator’s Bill Of Rights site is up“.