Blood Lad 16 PDF

Blood Lad 16 PDF Lad is a 2013 Japanese anime series based on the manga written and illustrated by Yuuki Kodama. The anime is produced by Brain’s Base and directed by Shigeyuki Miya, with script writing by Takeshi Konuta and character designs by Kenji Fujisaki.

Författare: Yuuki Kodama.
Vlad flieht mit Grimms lebenswichtigem Herz und der Unterstützung von Staz und Co. durch die Dämonenwelt, um Grimm zu entkommen. Doch dieser hat bereits einen perfiden Plan, um die Truppe auszubremsen. Vielleicht ließe sich das Blatt wenden, wenn auch die schwächeren Dämonen alle zu den Waffen greifen und das mächtige Magiewesen attackieren würden? Daddy Wolf startet jedenfalls einen Aufruf. Doch wird dieser auch Erfolg haben?

In another dimension, vampire and boss of the Demon World’s Eastern District, Staz Charlie Blood lives as a normal otaku. Staz’s second-in-command, Deku, informs him of their capture of a living human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, and brings her over to Staz’s apartment. In the epilogue, Staz and Fuyumi step through the Black Curtain. The Black Curtain exits inside Fuyumi’s room and Staz immediately begins criticizing her plain lifestyle. Afterwards, Staz suggests that he enroll as a transfer student at Fuyumi’s high school and they run into her upset father but Staz sprays him with his diluted saliva altering his behavior and explaining that it possesses the property of controlling humans. In the epilogue, a shocked Staz reveals that Wolf is his old friend and rival.

Wolf continues to expand his territory within the Demon World while Staz enlists Mamejirō along with Fuyumi to help track him down. Meanwhile, Bell still suspicious of Staz, continues to observe him. Wolf en route to another territorial battle. In the epilogue, Staz grows terrified when he learns that the book’s author is non other than his older brother and resident of the Demon World Acropolis—Braz D.

Staz’s reluctance to visit Braz in Acropolis enrages Wolf who forces him to finish that which he had started while also threatening Bell to use her Spatial Magic to take Staz to Acropolis. Wolf then kicks Staz into a newly opened portal where he ends up in Bell’s bedroom. Here Bell once again tries testing Staz but he instead questions her true motive. Liz’s zombies easily defeat Staz although he repeatedly challenges them with the same result. Meanwhile Franken deduces that Fuyumi’s condition can be stabilized with a dose of Staz’s blood. In the epilogue, Braz picks up the crushed boulder from the ground after telling Liz not to lose it, being a reminder of Staz’s true power.